Saturday, February 22, 2014

Summer Lovin

Summer 2013 flew by in a flash!  I love my job, but I really love summer break.  We decided not to put Ruston in Mother's Day Out this year, so I got to spend a lot of fun time with my buddy.

We cleaned out his drawers and closet one day.  It's more fun when you try things on and make faces. :)

Ruston got to have some slumber parties with Gigi and Rocky.

Bastrop has a Dinosaur Park that we'd never visited.  I was amazed at how clean it all was! haha  They have life sized dinosaurs all throughout a wooded trail.  Then they have a little playground and gift shop.  There's a little spot to dig for dino bones too.  It was pretty fun and definitely worthy of another trip.

The boys went out to the hayfield a couple of times to do some work.  This particular time, Diesel thought he was going too. :)

Ruston took swimming lessons for the first time.  He's definitely not a water baby when it comes to deep water.  He was pretty hesitant with most of the things the teacher wanted him to do.  He would hold his head up as high as he possibly could and was very stiff.  He'll probably need to repeat this class next year.

But hey, he passed! :)

We went up to the Blake Manor library on most Tuesdays for story time.  Ms. Lybecker always had a fun activity planned to go along with the book she read.  This is his 'Creepy Carrot.'

I had tickets to a concert in Dallas at the end of June.  Ruston and Danny came along and we stayed with Amanda.  During the day on Friday, we did some exploring at Fair Park.  We went to the Children's Aquarium first.  It was small, but still fun.

We walked around the garden for a while.  Lots of pretty flowers and things to climb on . :)

Then we checked out the Science and Nature Museum before heading back to Amanda's apartment.

That night I went with Kat to New Kids on the Block, Boys II Men, and 98* for her birthday. SO FUN!! I wish I would have taken my big camera because my phone didn't get anything good.  I loved all those groups at one point during my life, so it was a blast hearing all those songs again.  Once NKOTB came on, we never even sat down again. B.L.A.S.T.

Amanda took Ruston and Danny to Medieval Times.  Danny said Ruston couldn't take his eyes off the show.  They videoed him watching one of the fights and he kept jerking and saying "oh!" over and over again.  I'm glad they got to have some fun too!

Taylor and Kase turned 1 in July!  We got to celebrate their birthday with them and all their other friends.  It was HOT, but the kids had tons of fun.


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